365 gone in a flash

Minutes escape us every day to become the past. Each day we are given is a new opportunity to start fresh. As children we can’t wait to be 13, 16, 18, 21….then the years begin to fly by and we dream of being a kid all over again spent with not a care in the world. And so goes another 365 days. My 47th year breathing the air on this beautiful planet brought along with it heartache, doubt, disappointments, excitement, joy and love. I’ve met so many new people through some of my creative friends. Out of every experience, I have learned. Learned to love a little harder. Learned tolerance is a gift. Learned it’s never to late to chase a dream.  Learned patience isn’t easy. Learned not to always be so trusting of others. Learned that family isn’t always just blood relation, sometimes it is souls you’ve never physically met. Learned to surround myself with positive people once again.  Learned that even those whom you love will let you down and not even be aware of it.  Learned that being honest sometimes hurts your heart. Learned to forgive easier. Learned not to worry about what others think about you. Learned to accept flaws. Most importantly, I’ve learned to trust my inner voice, the empathic beauty I have been gifted from above.

Thank you to my husband & amazing families both blood and non-blood for continuing to be my support system.  Much love to friends who push me to be the best I can be. My ever constant muses….you know who you are, we do this as one. And my creative brothers & sisters who share the same dream,  the same love. Lastly, my empathic friends…we have been given a mission from above to spread our love and light collectively to the world, it is our time to shine.

As I look back on the year, I began it with friends. In 2012…I begin it with family.


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