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Friday the 13th is normally a day of superstitions of black cats, broken mirrors, and stepping on cracks. For others, like my friend Ryan Star, it was a day of putting out something positive. Surrounded in the most beautiful white light, he released an epic 4 song EP for FREE via social media platforms. Ahh…wise move my friend. It’s being shared across the globe between fans, friends and other artists who continue to give shout outs & shares via their own social media.

The America EP is all heart. Listen. Really listen to what is coming through your speakers. From the opening ‘America’ to the closing cover of Tom Petty’s ‘I Won’t Back Down’ there’s a sense of urgency all delivered with the pure solid vocal talents that only Ryan can present. ┬áIt’s all from the heart….a gift from the Gods. Download it here for FREE.

Proud to be on the journey. It’s our year.


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